SBP India Solar PPA

Solar PPA

Get panels, installation, and maintenance on us. Plus, save up to 20%* on your utility rate with a Power Purchase Agreement.

OK, so what’s a PPA?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between a developer (that’s us) and a customer (that’s you). We install solar panels on your home, and sell you the power it produces at a lower rate than what your utility can typically provide.

Lock-in low energy rates

Simply pay a low, predetermined price for every kilowatt-hour your solar panels generate. And not a dime more. We take care of system design, permitting, and paperwork, and provide a 20-year power warranty to ensure maximum savings.

Other ways to go solar

Solar Purchase

Own and produce your own power

Solar Loan

$0 upfront costs, low monthly payment

Solar PPA

Own and produce your own power